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Sylvie et Emile


Sa passion : cuisine saine

Sylvie cultivates the natural flavors with her cuisine. This passion for healthy cooking can be shared with you … ” Of all the arts, the one that feeds the best his man are the culinary arts”. Pierre Dac , actor .

Sylvie tells you more about herself :

« My family was among the pioneers of healthy cooking in the 60’s. I remained curious and passionate about everything related to a healthy, happy and ethics to pay attention to yourself, to others and to our planet. I will be happy to exchange experiences, views, good addresses , recipes … and just simply to meet each other. »

Language : F

His passion : hiking in the castle area

Emile, his husband, is passionate about Lichtenberg, this little village nestled at the caste foot. A discovery not to be missed.

Emile tells you more about himself :

« I enjoy hiking in beautiful natural sceneries. I fell in love with the Northern Vosges and specifically with Lichtenberg and its surroundings. I often take those trails that I appreciate a lot and will gladly accompany you for a time of discovery.»

Langue : F- D- Alsacien

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