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Kammerer 2 Theme : HIKING, HERITAGE

Her passion : hiking

The sourroundings trails have no secrets for Marie-Odile who wishes to share with you her favorits spots of the Land of Hanau – La Petite Pierre nestled in the park of the Nothern Vosges.

Marie-Odile tells you more about herself :

« I fell into the pot the day I discovered the village or Zittersheim nesteld in a valley in the middle of the North Vosges forests … that was 35 years ago. Since then I rooted in this country a little bit lost at the end of the world and I cannot stop marveling at the beauty of places throughout the seasons and introducing it to my grandchildren and my friends. My other activities : volunteer at the service of built and natural heritage in the western part of the Regional Natural Park of the Northern Vosges, relaxation by engaging me in the visual arts with a group of friends or pleasant time caring about my grandchildren especially during school holidays. »

Language : F

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Sylvie et Emile


Sa passion : cuisine saine

Sylvie cultivates the natural flavors with her cuisine. This passion for healthy cooking can be shared with you … ” Of all the arts, the one that feeds the best his man are the culinary arts”. Pierre Dac , actor .

Sylvie tells you more about herself :

« My family was among the pioneers of healthy cooking in the 60’s. I remained curious and passionate about everything related to a healthy, happy and ethics to pay attention to yourself, to others and to our planet. I will be happy to exchange experiences, views, good addresses , recipes … and just simply to meet each other. »

Language : F

His passion : hiking in the castle area

Emile, his husband, is passionate about Lichtenberg, this little village nestled at the caste foot. A discovery not to be missed.

Emile tells you more about himself :

« I enjoy hiking in beautiful natural sceneries. I fell in love with the Northern Vosges and specifically with Lichtenberg and its surroundings. I often take those trails that I appreciate a lot and will gladly accompany you for a time of discovery.»

Langue : F- D- Alsacien

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Gerlinger 2 Theme : ART, HERITAGE, ZEN

His passion : Tai Chi

 Georges is an artist. He settled down in La Petite Pierre where he owns a glass paint studio. He made Qi Gong his art of living. George invites you to discover the surrounding nature with an introduction to Qi Gong, this chinese martial art which will help you take full advantage of your breath to capture the energy of nature. Georges is a tour guide by profession, so he also knows a lot about the local heritage.

Georges tells you more about himself :

« I live in La Petite pierre since 30 years where I enjoy living in a wonderful location sourrounded by forests, in the middle of a beautiful naturel environment but also a rich historical past. I convey through my tours and storytelling my passion for old stones and history. It’s been over 15 years since I discovered the benefits and pleasure of practicing Tai Chi and Qi Cong, alternative and traditional medecines that I wish to share with other people.»

Language : English – French – German – Alsatian

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