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Wehrung 2 Themes : DANSE, ZEN

Her passions : danse of the world, nature et poetry

 Eliane practices dance mixed with nature and poetry to discover the traditional meditative dances . This technique allows to relieve the stress and develop thecreative spirit. For a different view of the world …

Eliane tells you more about herself :

« Very sensitive to the beauty of nature, passionate about traditional dances of the world that take their roots in popular culture. I’m especially passionate about meditative dances that have a spiritual anchor, a sacred dimension permitting peace and healing. I am delighted to welcome in the beneficent nature, any person interested for a time of sharing and conviviality. »

 Language : English – German – French – Alsatian


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Gerlinger 2 Theme : ART, HERITAGE, ZEN

His passion : Tai Chi

 Georges is an artist. He settled down in La Petite Pierre where he owns a glass paint studio. He made Qi Gong his art of living. George invites you to discover the surrounding nature with an introduction to Qi Gong, this chinese martial art which will help you take full advantage of your breath to capture the energy of nature. Georges is a tour guide by profession, so he also knows a lot about the local heritage.

Georges tells you more about himself :

« I live in La Petite pierre since 30 years where I enjoy living in a wonderful location sourrounded by forests, in the middle of a beautiful naturel environment but also a rich historical past. I convey through my tours and storytelling my passion for old stones and history. It’s been over 15 years since I discovered the benefits and pleasure of practicing Tai Chi and Qi Cong, alternative and traditional medecines that I wish to share with other people.»

Language : English – French – German – Alsatian

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Pfeiffer 2 Theme : ART, NATURE, HIKING, ZEN

Her passion : hiking, arts

 Passionate about the natural environment of the Land of Hanau – La Petite Pierre, Solange will put you on the trail of the hidden treasures of our forests, meadows and gardens. For those who wish, Solange also practices Nordic walking.

Solange talks about herself :

« I invite you to discover the beauties of the nature of the Regional Park of the Northern Vosges and its diversity through your senses : breathe, smell, listen to the birds, touch the velvety leaves, watch a prey bird in the sky, a deer around the corner, taste blueberries or blackberries, capture all those wonders with your camera, discover them at your own pace, walking or running, and, why not, in an idyllic location hearing a poet claiming verses and feel the atmosphere of a fairytale world. »

Langue : F – G – Alsatian – French signed language

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