Did you say Greeters ?

Greeters, as lovers of their land, take pleasure greeting visitors, as they would welcome friends. They offer their time to share their passion or the places they cherish.

A Greeter IS NOT a professional guide. He hosts the visitors in his daily environment and presents it with passion. Every walk is unique, authentic, free and of course friendly. Whatever form of discovery you will choose, the essential resides In the encounter .

All Greeters and Greeter destination share the same core values :

  1. Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city/destination.
  2. Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people.
  3. Meeting a Greeter is free of charge.
  4. Visitors are welcomed without any kind of discrimination.
  5. Greeter programs support sustainable tourism. Programs respects natural and man-made environments, it brings both cultural and economical enrichment to the local communities. Programs aim for a lasting positive image of each destination.
  6. Greeter programs create a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange, create links between ordinary people in creating a better world.